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December 24, 2010
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Naruto's Gift

It was the eve of Christmas and the snow was falling and Naruto was inside his house, he was eating his Ramen and sitting by the stove, "man its cold! I wanted a white Christmas but this is asking to much!" thought Naruto as he shivered in his corner when a knock came on his door, "who's that?" thought Naruto as he got up and opened the door but to his surprise no one was there, only a little box tied with a Red Ribbon, "a present huh?" said Naruto, he looked at for a bit but it looked like a normal box to him, "guess it okay" thought Naruto, a Chilly windy past through Naruto and his Body turned Blue, "Damn that's cold!" cried Naruto as he hurry back inside, inside Naruto began to open the box and inside was a little doll, the doll had a Christmas outfit and grey eyes but the most notable part of it was the very long red hair, it was so long that it reached the dolls legs, "hehe, it kinda looks like Mom!" said Naruto Smiling but then that Smile turned into a frown, he placed the Doll by his window still and looked outside, Christmas was very hard for Naruto, he wasn't sad or angry about it he has lots of friends to hang out with but when they left for their families, it made Naruto depress as Christmas was a time to spend with your family and that was the hardest part of Christmas for Naruto, Naruto turned and looked at his apartment room it was small but it was home for Naruto, *sigh* "that's it, I am tried I am going to bed!" Said Naruto, he walked towards his bed and climbed in and then turned off the lights.

It was about midnight, Naruto's room was quite and by the window, the Doll was slightly glowing red, suddenlty the Doll began to move violently and then suddenly *poof* "yaa!" cried a voice, a person was on the floor where the doll was suppose to fall, "ouch that hurts!" said the person, the person was a young girl, about Naruto's age, she looked like the doll, she quickly stopped talk and turned towards Naruto to make sure that he was still asleep, "few, that was close, that old man's magic was powerful his Human to Doll spell was strong but the timing was off" whisper the Girl, but then she turned back to Naruto and smiled, but then she turned and reach for something in her pocket, "he said that this would help with my plan" said the girl as she pulled out a hand full of what appeared to be silver dust, she blew it all around Naruto's room and suddenly beautiful Christmas decorations started to appear and fill the rooms, "now that part is done, it's my turn!" whisper the Girl as she head for the Kitchen, she quickly got a apron on and in a flash started cooking with great speed that a giant meal was made in no seconds, "hmm not my best time" said the Girl, she walked back to Naruto's room, she stood over Naruto and Smile, " I really you like my Gift, it's something that I wanted to do but I never got to…" said the girl, she bent down and kissing Naruto on the forehead, "merry Christmas, my baby Naruto" said the girl with tears in her eye, her body started to glow blue, "it wearing out" said the girl, the light was slowly covered her and soon only a doll was left.

Naruto Awoke with a yawn and he swing his feet out of his bed but then he noticed the doll laying on the bed, "how did this get here?" said Naruto as he picked up the doll but then he noticed his room and was surprised to see what had happen, his mouth open with shock, his room was filled with the most beautiful decorations, "how did this!?" Naruto didn't get to finish as a delicious smell entered his nose, he got up and follow the smell to the kitchen where he saw a Mouth-watering Meal, "who made all of this?" thought Naruto but he really didn't care, he was happy with the gifts he got, "I gotta show sakura this!" said Naruto as he got his winter clothes but before he did, he place the doll on his bed.
hey there! all characters belong to thier rightful owners! no stealing!

Merry Christmas everyone, i hope this story will get you in the christmas mood!
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What a great story! :D Merry Christmas! :D
Short, simple, and sweet. I love it. ^_^
Your welcome. ^_^
The-Bloody-Bishop Jan 5, 2011  Student Writer
How cute! I love it! Simple but sweet!
Its a nice tangent from your other stuff, i like it a lot! Very touching!
thanks i have others
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