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March 31, 2011
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Sakura's Body Part Swap: Getting a new face on
Sakura awoke feeling great and full energy, she opened her eyes to see her "new breast" and press them together, "good morning my new babies~" said Sakura smiling happily and she rose out of her bed and walked towards the mirror and took of her clothes to see her beautiful womanly figure, she made some poses and then laughed but she then remember her plan that she had thought of, she walked towards her desk and grabbed a pen and paper, "okay I'm not sure what Naruto likes in a girl but lets start with the basics of what guys like in a woman" said Sakura to herself and she wrote down what she knew.
1. Long smooth hair
2. Beautiful eyes
3. Pretty face
4. Large bust
5. Womanly Figure
6. Wide Hips
7. Large Butt
8. Smooth Legs
9. Smooth Arms
Sakura looked though the list, "okay since I got Tsunade-sama bust and Shizune-san figure, I can cross those two things out" said Sakura but then she realizes something, "if I'm going to swap body part I probably need to check to see they are proportional with my other parts so I should swap one part each day and check to make sure it fits with the rest of body" said Sakura and with that in mind she put away the list and went to her closet, "but first I need to buy some new clothes for my self~" said Sakura smiling. As she Sakura walked though the village she felt like she was being watch but she already knew who were watching her because as she walked though the village most of the village men turned and saw her and drooled and sometimes they ran into other people and objects, Sakura felt very happy with this since no one other men but her friends would look at her, "so this is what it feels like to be a beautiful women…. The confidence…. The power!" thought Sakura as she walked, she diecided to give the guys a little "treat" and so she got into a stretching pose that showed part of her cleavage and when she did all the men in the area had nose bleeds, "if guys just start nose bleeding from one pose then Naruto would be easy!" thought Sakura, soon Sakura reach the store and walked through the open, "hello ma….." said a female clerk but stopped when she saw Sakura cleavage, Sakura walked over towards the bras but she had troubling choosing a bra so she walked over towards the clerk, "excuse me, do you have any bra sizes that can fight 106cm?" said Sakura, "o-oh yes! We actually have a special one sale" said the clerk, she pull out a case under the counter and opened it revealing a beautiful red bra with white cherry blossoms on it, "oh that's perfect! I'll take it!" said Sakura as she got out her money and paid for the bra, "it's expansive but it will be worth it for the plan" thought Sakura and she also looked though the dresses for an new outfit and found some excellent clothes, she bought a white kimono, a red shirt with thin black lines, a black sash and some blue long pants, "I better try these on to see if they fit" thought Sakura and she walked towards the dressing room, in the dressing room Sakura striped down and hang her clothes on the hanger and then she grabbed the clothes and removed them from the bag, she first tried on the bra and in no time Sakura wore it perfectly, she then grabbed the shirt and put it on, she was worried that it might rip but it still held on and she then put on the white kimono over the red shirt, the white kimono matched well with the red shirt, Sakura then slipped on the pants, when she was done dressing Sakura made a pose with her new look, "great! Now that I have new dress, I'm one step ahead in my plan!" thought Sakura, Sakura took of her new clothes and put it back in the bag and put back her old clothes on and came out of the change room and was about to head for the counter when she Ino over by the shirt, "ino…. I wonder what she'll do when she sees my new body" thought Sakura as walked towards her childhood friend; Ino was looking at shirts when she saw Sakura and waved and smiled but the smile turned into a nervous frown when saw Sakura's body, "hey forehead, whats going on?" said Ino, "nothing much, I just waited to see what you're doing" said Sakura walking over towards ino but when she did her breast touched Ino she backed away from Sakura, "hey get those things away from me!" said Ino blushing, Sakura saw this and had a smug smile, "why Ino you aren't embarrassed by my breast are you?" said Sakura, "those!? No way!" said Ino, Sakura back away from Ino with her breast giggling, "well that's good! I'm glad that you don't mind my melons at all! Man can you believe the years? I mean who knew that I would sexier than you" said Sakura, that comment made Ino fume "you sexy!? Yeah right!" scoffed Ino, "oh really Ino? You think you're sexier than me?" said Sakura, "yes! Guys many find the body attractive but without a pretty face whats the point?" said Ino smugly, "a pretty face huh?" said Sakura, "yes much like mine~, Sakura you may have some cleavage but with that forehead of yours you'll never get any boys" said Ino, "Fore Head right" said Sakura grinding her teeth together, "well ino I better get going, later" said Sakura, "fine later then" said Ino and Sakura left Ino. Sakura left the store with her purchases and she smiled, "Thanks Ino, now I know what want to swap next" thought Sakura, she saw an alleyway and walked into it and made sure that no one was near she spoke, "I wish I had Ino's face", suddenly a bright light covered Sakura and Sakura couldn't see any more, she felt her face turned rubber and it was moving around until it harden again and the light fade away, Sakura's face hurt but she was curious about her transformation and luckily she was by a barrel fulled with water and walked over and looked at her reflection but instead of seeing her normal face she saw Ino's face but instead she still have green eyes and her normal hair, Sakura rubbed her head and was happy that she didn't have a wide forehead now, "thanks for the beauty tip Ino~" said Sakura smiling.
hey there! all characters belong to thier rightful owners! no stealing!
the third part of Sakura's body part swap is up! please enjoy!
also Sakura's Dress is based on this pic:[link]
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